Did somebody say Totalitarianism?

Žižek Some argue that Žižek is at risk of fideism and sectarianism because he invokes the theological in his work. The argument goes that any association with religion is a conversation stopper for others who do not share similar presuppositions. Therefore speaking theological is seldom beneficial because the dialogical process will be abruptly ended (theological commitments preempt conversation because the ‘answers’ are already solved for the religious inclined, therefore rendering useless ongoing discussion). Critics are also prone to point out, and correct in doing so, that “religious absolutism can lead to political absolutism” (A Very Critical Introduction to Žižek, 3). But by focusing only on the negative aspects of fundamentalism and totalitarianism their creative resources are abandoned. In other words, a reactionary stance to religion (or Marxism for that matter) occludes us from thinking, imagining, or taking seriously the heavy criticisms leveled at liberal secularism. This leads Marcus Pound to evaluate Žižek fearlessness to find resources within Marxism and theology one of his biggest strengths. This gives us insight to why an atheist like Žižek would be interested in theology.


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One response to “Did somebody say Totalitarianism?”

  1. Aaron says :

    It surely cannot be denied that creativity had all the part to play in the origin of any religion, whether God- or manmade. This would seem to be an important observation for any critic to catalogue as well as regard in the work of Zizek and others. It seems like a basic realisation of epistemology in light of history… the overwhelming presence of religion in the world. And so I hear it’s essential in college to cover Aquinas and Augustine when discussing the transition from Medieval Philosophy. Not fun, certainly often obsolete, but essential.

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